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3 Signs You Should Look For A New Job

In most cases, people don't realize their job is in jeopardy or that it's time to move on to something else. However, I understand that changing jobs can be scary, especially in the current economy. But at times, it's necessary because you can be happy a

logo.png  By JG  Apr 18, 2024

The Job Search Tip Introverts Hate (But Desperately Need)

No matter how talented, skilled, or educated you are, if you're an introvert, you're at a bit of a disadvantage in a job search. I am not an introvert, but I speak to a lot of them, coaching them through the process of getting a new job. The vast majori

logo.png  By JG  Apr 17, 2024

Why You Should Quit Trying To Make Your Resume ATS-Friendly

There's no such thing as an ATS-friendly resume. I'm going to dispel that myth right now. I do not want you wasting your time on scams that tell you they're going to make your resume ATS-friendly or that you're going to get past the ATS with their techni

logo.png  By JG  Apr 16, 2024

Interview Questions When Transitioning From Academia To Industry

Is your career experience in academia, but you’re ready to move to business? If you’re a teacher, a professor, a scientist, or a lab tech, employers can see a move to business or industry as a pretty big leap. They may have some perceptions about

logo.png  By JG  Apr 12, 2024