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Emotional Branding: Marketing To The Heart

People buy emotionally, even if they don’t realize it, and then justify their decision rationally. In fact, 50% of brand experiences are based on emotions.Creating an emotional bond with consumers requires more than good marketing. Let’s dive deeper into

logo.png  By JG  Dec 21, 2021

How To Make Wise Career Choices

Life is full of choices. Some require little thought or reflection—like the choice of what to eat for dinner— while others demand rigorous deliberation. When it comes to your career, you’ve likely already made several difficult choices in the past and wi

logo.png  By JG  Dec 17, 2021

4 Traps While Selling Software In South Korea

When considering sales expansion in Asia, South Korea may not always come first in the mind of executives in the software industry. After all, Japan is a larger economy, and China is all the rage.That is short-sighted. South Korea has a lot going on for

logo.png  By JG  Dec 17, 2021

5 Ways To Boost Your Resume So It Gets Noticed By Employers

We've all been there. A job that you would absolutely LOVE gets posted. But when you look at the job description, you realize there are required skills you don't have on your resume.Now is a good time to ask yourself: "Is there anything else I can add to

logo.png  By JG  Dec 17, 2021