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4 Problems Inside The TV and Film Industry

Why is the entertainment industry so broken? Many people are asking that question as more of Hollywood’s unseen creative and business talent are leaving LA, unable to support themselves in an industry that was once rewarding and profitable for decades. T

logo.png  By JG  Apr 4, 2024

3 Tips On What NOT To Do In Your Cover Letter

The cover letter may be a second thought to many job seekers because there's the feeling that employers aren't going to read it. But the truth is you never know if it'll get read or not. There are certainly employers who just go straight to the resume, b

logo.png  By JG  Apr 3, 2024

How To Answer "Why Shouldn't We Hire You?" In A Job Interview

A client in my masterclass this week told me that when she was in an interview, she got asked these two questions: "What do you think would be the reason why we wouldn't hire you?" and "If you eventually got fired from this job, what do you think you wou

logo.png  By JG  Apr 2, 2024

3 Simple Mistakes That Will Ruin Your Cover Letter

Finding a job isn't a simple task in normal circumstances. Add in an ultra-competitive job market and there's no margin for error. For job seekers, an underwhelming cover letter is one of the major factors preventing them from moving forward in the job s

logo.png  By JG  Mar 29, 2024