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Feeling Fall Fashion Woes?

Well, don't. There's no need to be intimidated or frustrated when deciding what to wear even though it seems overwhelming. Skinny jeans or straight leg? Front tuck or no tuck? Sweater vest or cardigan? What do you choose?I will make it simple.How To Choo

logo.png  By JG  Nov 24, 2021

#1 Reason Everyone Hates Their Job

When you hate your job, there's usually one main reason why. I've been a career coach for 20 years and I can tell you that every time I work with someone, the reason is the same.You all might think you have different reasons, but there is one singular re

logo.png  By JG  Nov 24, 2021

The High Cost Of Not Knowing Your Target Audience

$37 billion is wasted in ads that fail to engage target audiences every year. Do you want to continue wasting money attracting consumers who aren't interested in your products?It sounds simple but defining your target audience is one of the most difficul

logo.png  By JG  Nov 22, 2021

Job Seekers: Never Do This On Mondays

There is one rule I always tell job seekers to follow in regards to their job search activities. Under no circumstances should you ever do this on a Monday.The rule? Never, and I mean never, call or email an employer on a Monday to check the status of yo

logo.png  By JG  Nov 20, 2021