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Internal Controls To Safeguard Your Assets

When you hear the words “internal controls” does the early 2000s, Enron scandal, and SOX (Sarbanes-Oxley) come to mind? It probably does especially if you work in finance or accounting. Internal control as defined by COSO is “a process for assuring of an

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Competing With Spreadsheets — The Joy And The Horror!

Bill Gates has a lot to answer for. Every office computer has a spreadsheet application on it. Any task involving numbers is done on a spreadsheet.Selling contact center technology, I am frequently told, “No problem, they’re only using spreadsheets.”A pr

logo.png  By JG  Nov 17, 2022 Project Management Made Easy

As an educator and administrator, I enjoy helping young adults as well as adult learners with their academic journey. In my role, I oversee policies and procedures that help support student learning and success. Therefore, I implement multiple innovation

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How To Prepare An ROI Calculation

A very experienced technical sales professional told me something very interesting. Nearly all business-to-business sales attempt to replace an existing solution. He said: “Companies buy solutions that produce the same outputs for a lower price or produc

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