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How Recent College Grads Can Find A Job Despite Mass Layoffs

When times are tough, mass layoffs happen in almost every industry. But what do you do if you're a recent college graduate looking for your first job? How can you find a job when those around you are getting laid off?Your first job search after college i

logo.png  By JG  May 11, 2023

Recruiter Spotlight: How To Create A Job Description That Sparks Interest

A good job description is priceless in the hiring process. Many hiring leaders struggle to create job descriptions that attract the right candidates. What should you include in a job description to spark interest and find the perfect candidate for the jo

logo.png  By JG  May 11, 2023

Member Spotlight: Dale Herzog, Medical Device CAD Engineer

At Work It DAILY, we call our members "Workplace Renegades." A Workplace Renegade is a person who believes in themselves and joins our community to finally take control of their career. They believe in working to live, NOT living to work. Dale Herzog is

logo.png  By JG  May 11, 2023

Executive Spotlight: How To Influence Key Stakeholders

As a professional, the ability to influence key stakeholders is an important skill to have if you want to achieve success in your career and help your company reach its goals. It's not an easy skill to master, but with practice and a few helpful tips, yo

logo.png  By JG  May 10, 2023