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How A Recession Could Impact Your Career

Whispers about a possible recession have been in the air for a few years, but those whispers grew a lot louder recently with many economists highlighting various economic indicators pointing toward a possible recession in the immediate future.Recessions

logo.png  By JG  Jan 6, 2023

3 Ways To Replace A Member Of Your Team

The average turnover rate currently is ~47%. If the entire team isn’t feeling engaged and appreciated, your team may be affected and part of this statistic. If so, there are things you can do to efficiently fill that vacancy with an individual who is a g

logo.png  By JG  Jan 6, 2023

5 Career Questions To Ask Yourself This New Year

The new year is here! For many of us, January is the perfect time to reflect on our lives and set new goals, hoping to become better versions of ourselves. Most people make personal resolutions, like getting in shape, quitting smoking/drinking, or learni

logo.png  By JG  Jan 5, 2023

Reading People’s Emotions: A Beginner’s Guide

“Just the facts ma’am” — Wrong!At school and university, we are constantly taught that only facts and rational, logical arguments matter. Then we enter the workforce. People’s responses seem to be driven more by feelings than by facts.Wouldn’t it be grea

logo.png  By JG  Jan 3, 2023