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Executive Spotlight: How To Set Up A Proper Budget

A critical responsibility of an executive is to set up a proper budget for their organization. Setting a proper budget usually involves setting financial goals, identifying expenses and revenue streams, and creating a budget that helps drive business suc

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This FREE Career Assessment Quiz Will Help You Thrive At Work

What if we told you there was a magical FREE way to determine which careers you should be pursuing in your job search? Okay, so it's not exactly "magic"—but it's pretty close. It's Work It Daily's Career Decoder Quiz. This career assessment quiz will hel

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How To Answer "Tell Me About A Time You Went Above & Beyond"

One of the hardest and most important job interview questions is, "Tell me about a time you went above and beyond." Here's the perfect technique to ace the answer every time.Step 1: Think About A Time You Exceeded ExpectationsThe first step is for you to

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3 Ways Companies Can Show Appreciation For Their Employees

The first Friday of March has become the unofficial holiday of Employee Appreciation Day in the U.S. Some companies celebrate this day, while others celebrate their employees throughout the year.No matter how your company does it, showing employees appre

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