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How To Make Better Use Of Your LinkedIn Profile

Do you have a LinkedIn account just for the sake of having a LinkedIn account? If so, you're not alone. Many people create a LinkedIn profile, fill out the basic information, and never touch their profile again. That's a BAD strategy!The problem with thi

logo.png  By JG  Feb 9, 2023

10 Things To Know About A Retail Management Career

If you are already on the path to becoming a retail manager or are simply considering it, here are some important and interesting things to consider before embarking upon a retail management career.1. You Must Have The Right PersonalityCompare your trait

logo.png  By JG  Feb 8, 2023

3 Pre-Interview Confidence Boosters

Sweaty palms. Shaky voice. Blank mind. These symptoms of nervousness can seriously sabotage a job interview, no matter how prepared and qualified you are.To quell these natural responses and help you muster more confidence in anxious situations, consi

logo.png  By JG  Feb 8, 2023

So, You Are Going To Add A CDP To Your MarTech Stack?

An Executive’s PerspectiveThe industry defines a CDP as a platform that centralizes customer data from multiple sources and makes it available to systems for insight and engagement tasks. This definition is dated as modern CDPs include not only customer

logo.png  By JG  Feb 8, 2023