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Interview Cheat Sheet: 8 Tips For A Flawless Interview

Got an interview coming up soon? We know you have a busy life, and sometimes there’s just not enough time in the day to scan through articles to get the information you need. That’s why we created the Interview Cheat Sheet! We pulled the best tips, trick

logo.png  By JG  Jun 9, 2022

8 Amazing Ways Teachers Can Use Their Summer Break

I must admit. I don’t enjoy being off in the summer as an educator. I enjoy a beach day from time to time, like most people, but I can tolerate sweeping up sand in my house only so much. So, you might understand, when I was still teaching in the classroo

logo.png  By JG  Jun 9, 2022

#1 Thing You MUST Say In Your Cover Letter

Is there one thing you can say in a cover letter that will guarantee it accomplishes its purpose? Absolutely!A cover letter serves as an introduction to your resume and to yourself as a candidate for employment. It's the place to show your interest in th

logo.png  By JG  Jun 9, 2022

The Top 6 Skills To Become A Better Leader Coach

If you are a leader who aims to become a human leader, who might feel that your personal mission in life encompasses enabling greatness in others; helping people figure out how they matter, how their teams matter; how they can work together unleashing th

logo.png  By JG  Jun 8, 2022