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Phone Interviews: How To Put Your Best Voice Forward

Today, more and more employers are conducting phone interviews before inviting job candidates to an in-person meeting. With more applicants available for each opening, employers do not have the time to invest in a meeting for every candidate that simply

logo.png  By JG  Jun 24, 2022

Why You Need A Data Strategy Before Data Governance (Part 1)

Part One: Data Strategy Is More Important than Ever in an Age of AI.This will be a multiple-part series on data strategy and how it is the precursor to data management and data governance.Firms often skip many essential steps to creating a data strategy

logo.png  By JG  Jun 24, 2022

Don’t Be A Wallflower! A Beginner’s Guide To Building Rapport

Building rapport is the art of establishing an emotionally comfortable relationship with a person during a conversation.When I first started as a call centre trainer, I listened to a sales team leader’s briefing. Like many naturally talented salespeople,

logo.png  By JG  Jun 24, 2022

What Are The Next Steps After Getting A Promotion?

It’s exciting, no doubt about it. Your expertise, hard work, and perseverance paid off. You got the big promotion you were working toward. Then, along with exuberance, reality sets in with a bit of nerves for this new challenge. Now you have to deliver.E

logo.png  By JG  Jun 23, 2022