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Adapt And Thrive With Project Management Skills In Any Workplace!

Project management skills are planning, executing, monitoring, and controlling projects of different sizes and scopes. They involve setting clear goals and objectives, defining roles and responsibilities, managing resources and risks, communicating effec

logo.png  By JG  Apr 5, 2023

Everything You Wanted To Know About KPIs (But Were Afraid To Ask)

How many times does someone use a piece of business terminology which you don’t really understand? Everyone else nods sagely, so you think the best thing to do is to nod along sagely as well, instead of asking, “Excuse me, what exactly is a KPI?”I’m goin

logo.png  By JG  Apr 5, 2023

6 Intangible Skills That Can Get You Hired Today

Want to get hired? Of course you do! Employers nowadays are looking for a more holistic group of skill sets in the people they hire. It's not enough to just deliver on your core skills anymore.What will make you most valuable and have the most impact at

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Want To Find Out WHO You Are As A Worker? Attend Our Professional Strengths Bootcamp!

If you're tired of feeling dissatisfied and lost in your career, our Professional Strengths Bootcamp is the help you've been looking for.Understanding WHO you are as a worker is the KEY to achieving career satisfaction. With our Professional Strengths Bo

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