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Do You Really Want To Teach There? What To Know When Interviewing With Schools

As an educational consultant, I have had the opportunity to support school improvement efforts within rural, suburban, and urban communities. I can tell you that the schools that are successful in ensuring student achievement and growth are not determine

logo.png  By JG  May 4, 2022

Why Outplacement Services Don't Work

Here's my issue with the word "outplacement." The name itself says, "You're out. Go get placed someplace else." What is a more motivating word?We see this a lot in business. We hang on to words that maybe made sense at one point in time, but we've evolve

logo.png  By JG  May 3, 2022

Is Your Executive Resume Too Wordy?

Are you finding it difficult to sum up your value proposition in a two or three-page executive resume? In addition to annoying employers, a too-long resume can quickly lose its potency and dilute your brand message—leaving decision-makers confused about

logo.png  By JG  Apr 30, 2022

5 Reasons It’s Easier To Find A Job When You Already Have One

You may have heard people say to you, “It’s always easier to get a job when you are already employed.” But have you ever asked why this is?There’s absolutely no evidence to prove that anyone going for a job, who is already in full-time employment, stands

logo.png  By JG  Apr 29, 2022