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#1 Thing You MUST Say In Your Cover Letter

Is there one thing you can say in a cover letter that will guarantee it accomplishes its purpose? Absolutely!A cover letter serves as an introduction to your resume and to yourself as a candidate for employment. It's the place to show your interest in th

logo.png  By JG  Jun 9, 2022

The Top 6 Skills To Become A Better Leader Coach

If you are a leader who aims to become a human leader, who might feel that your personal mission in life encompasses enabling greatness in others; helping people figure out how they matter, how their teams matter; how they can work together unleashing th

logo.png  By JG  Jun 8, 2022

How To Answer Any Behavioral Interview Question In 2022

We've gotten a lot of questions lately about interviews, which is a good thing because it means our readers are putting in the work and getting interviews (So, kudos to you!). But what we want to talk about today is a very particular type of interview qu

logo.png  By JG  Jun 8, 2022

The Waiting Game: Surviving Job Offer Anxiety

Have you ever felt like you totally rocked an interview? You had all your questions and answers prepared, the hiring manager really seemed impressed, and they even hinted at a call back. You wake up the next morning with a huge grin on your face expectin

logo.png  By JG  Jun 8, 2022