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Executive Spotlight: The Biggest Misconception About Your Job

There are misconceptions about every job. And the longer you stay in the same line of work, the more misconceptions you'll hear from those not familiar with what you do. Executives in particular have had many years to discover the misconceptions about th

logo.png  By JG  Sep 23, 2022

Executives Care About 2 Things: Money & Money!

(NOTE: This message is laced with sarcasm to prove a point. Reader beware and enter at your own risk.)One of my mentors taught me a very valuable lesson the hard way. He told me I had great ideas, and my sales approach was crap. He even sent me to “Sales

logo.png  By JG  Sep 22, 2022

How To Overcome Age Discrimination In Your 2023 Job Search

Do you think age discrimination is affecting your job search? Do you feel like you are losing out to the competition because you're older? If so, you're not alone in this thinking, and I'm going to share with you some information that's going to help you

logo.png  By JG  Sep 22, 2022

6 Types Of Illegal Interview Questions To Watch Out For

Did you know that there are interview questions that might seem legitimate but are actually illegal? While there are some that are clearly inappropriate, not all of them are so obvious. Don't overlook the different types of illegal interview questions! H

logo.png  By JG  Sep 21, 2022