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4 Things To Do: Getting A New Job While Working

Do you want to leave your job but don't want to give your two weeks' notice until you find a new one? With the right job search strategy, you can easily find a job while you're still employed.One of our Work It DAILY fans wrote in and said, "Hey, I want

logo.png  By JG  Jul 21, 2023

Executive Spotlight: How To Build A Culture Of Innovation That Fosters Creativity And Adaptability

The most successful companies are those that foster creativity and adaptability, which is only possible when you build and maintain a culture of innovation. Leaders have a huge impact on an organization's culture, and when they take the time to build a c

logo.png  By JG  Jul 20, 2023

​Meta Creates Threads Social Media Platform With A Record-Breaking 10 Million Users On-Boarded In 3 Days

Did Meta, the biggest player in the space, seize the opportunity to create the next massive social media platform?It’s not every day that a new social network comes out...especially one built by Meta which is sort of the king of all social networks. One

logo.png  By JG  Jul 20, 2023

5 Benefits Of Having A Pet-Friendly Office

These days, more and more workers are paying attention to the benefits offered at their potential workplace. Employees are looking at things like flex time, paid paternity leave, and unlimited paid time off when considering where to work.Another benefit

logo.png  By JG  Jul 20, 2023