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What Your Interview Body Language Reveals About You

Poor body language can derail an interview regardless of how confident and well-spoken you are. Body language is as much a part of your communication style as what you say verbally—it's really about how you say it. Impressions are made within seconds of

logo.png  By JG  Feb 28, 2024

4 Things Interviewers Rate You On

You want to demonstrate you have the experience and skills for the job. But what makes one candidate more favorable than the other when they both have the same type of experience and skills? When this is the case, it often comes down to a job seeker's pe

logo.png  By JG  Feb 23, 2024

What Should & Shouldn't Be On Your LinkedIn Profile

A well-optimized LinkedIn profile is a necessity in today's job search. But what is acceptable to put on your LinkedIn profile and what is best left off it? The biggest mistake job seekers make when creating and updating their LinkedIn profiles is not ad

logo.png  By JG  Feb 21, 2024

3 Things You Should Do When You Get A Bad Performance Review

The Wall Street Journal recently published an article that talks about the fact that people can expect harsher performance reviews going forward, and I have to agree with them. Therefore, I want to tell you three things that you should do if you get a ba

logo.png  By JG  Feb 20, 2024