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4 Red Flags Employers Watch For On Cover Letters

Before getting into what should or shouldn't be in your cover letter, let's just get out of the way that a cover letter is a must. Why? Well, the answer is pretty simple.The cover letter gives you the chance to express that you're a professional and that

logo.png  By JG  Feb 29, 2024

This Simple Trick Will Help You Quantify ANYTHING On Your Resume

As a candidate or an employee, you need to justify the cost of your employment. How can you demonstrate your value? The answer is to quantify, quantify, quantify! You need to be able to prove you can get the job done better and faster than the candidates

logo.png  By JG  Feb 29, 2024

5 Traits Of People Who Are Respected At Work (And Get The Most Career Opportunities)

I had a sad career coaching call with an extremely successful woman recently. When she told me her career story, which I have all my clients do, her story was riddled with a highway of situations where she was taken advantage of, where she wasn't given t

logo.png  By JG  Feb 28, 2024

What Your Interview Body Language Reveals About You

Poor body language can derail an interview regardless of how confident and well-spoken you are. Body language is as much a part of your communication style as what you say verbally—it's really about how you say it. Impressions are made within seconds of

logo.png  By JG  Feb 28, 2024