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Member Spotlight: Don Gilbert, Graphic/Web Designer & Illustrator

At Work It Daily, we call our members "Workplace Renegades." A Workplace Renegade is a person who believes in themselves and joins our community to finally take control of their career. They believe in working to live, NOT living to work. Don Gilbert is

logo.png  By JG  Mar 8, 2023

How To Tell If You Are Going To Get Laid Off

If you've ever been employed at a typical company in corporate America, you know that layoffs are a common phenomenon. How does a company decide who stays and who goes? How do you know if you're going to get laid off or not? These are important questions

logo.png  By JG  Mar 7, 2023

6 Things To Do To Prepare For Your Classroom Observation

Is it spring yet? Just observe any school hallway to figure this out. Each spring, there is usually a flurry of activity among school administrators as they hurriedly shuffle from one classroom to the next desperately trying to record/file all their requ

logo.png  By JG  Mar 7, 2023

4 Signs Your Interview Isn’t Going Well (And How To Fix It!)

Scoring a job interview can be hard work, so you don't want to waste the opportunity. Unfortunately, for one reason or another, sometimes the interview can go off track and before you know it, things didn't go as well as you had hoped.It doesn't have to

logo.png  By JG  Mar 4, 2023