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4 Ways To Make Monday Feel Like Friday

Why do we love Fridays so much? The answer is pretty obvious: in front of us, we have a weekend of possibilities, days where we can hang out with friends, do something fun, or enjoy doing nothing at all. The weekend spells r-e-l-a-x, and for most people

logo.png  By JG  Nov 12, 2022

Executive Spotlight: Performance Review Dos & Don’ts

A performance review usually isn't something employees or managers look forward to. But it's an essential part of the business—to discuss performance and give feedback with the intention of helping the employee and the company as a whole. If you're the o

logo.png  By JG  Nov 12, 2022

Dealing With Uncertainty: 3 Stand-Out Capabilities You Need In Every Team

One of the biggest issues in managing large, complex, or high-profile pieces of work including change and transformation projects is that you have to continually be on the lookout for, what I will call, half-baked problems or early warning signals that i

logo.png  By JG  Nov 12, 2022

5 Questions To Ask Your Employer If You Get Laid Off

When you get laid off, a lot of questions go through your head. You may ask yourself, "Why me? How will I tell my family? What will I do now?"Layoffs happen to almost everyone. If you haven't been laid off before, consider yourself lucky. Whether you saw

logo.png  By JG  Nov 11, 2022