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3 Things You Need To Know About Remote Work

As a 20-year career coaching veteran who used to be in staffing and recruiting industry, I know exactly what companies are thinking about right now. And you need to pay attention because a lot of the remote jobs you see aren't going to stay remote.If you

logo.png  By JG  Aug 23, 2022

10 Things Recruiters Won't Tell You (But I Will!)

Recruiters have one job: find the right person for the position. Their performance is evaluated on how efficiently and effectively they match top talent to job requirements. Ironically, in the current economy, recruiters are finding their jobs harder th

logo.png  By JG  Aug 13, 2022

How To Navigate LinkedIn Effectively

If you’ve never used an online networking site, LinkedIn can appear to be a little intimidating at first. Even if you are familiar with other social media sites, you’ll still want to take the time to learn how to navigate your way around LinkedIn. Linked

logo.png  By JG  Aug 13, 2022

How To Overcome Your Interview Anxiety

You're familiar with the feeling: your palms start sweating, you start to shake and for some reason, your mind goes completely blank. Sounds like a dreaded case of interview jitters!Nerves can bring even the most professional candidate to their knees, im

logo.png  By JG  Aug 12, 2022