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Member Spotlight: Bharat Kirthivasan, Project/Program Management

At Work It Daily, we call our members "Workplace Renegades." A Workplace Renegade is a person who believes in themselves and joins our community to finally take control of their career. They believe in working to live, NOT living to work. Bharat Kirthiva

logo.png  By JG  Mar 1, 2023

4 Phrases Your Boss LOVES To Hear

If you want to put yourself in a position to build a strong professional relationship with your boss, while growing your career and managing up, you have to prove yourself as a reliable employee. Taking the right kind of initiative can go a long way towa

logo.png  By JG  Mar 1, 2023

How To Work For Yourself & Become Self-Employed (In 5 Easy Steps)

Are you tired of working for other people? Do you want to break free from the "golden handcuffs" that have held you hostage in your career up to this point? If so, you've probably considered self-employment.Sure, you can imagine what it would be like to

logo.png  By JG  Mar 1, 2023

How To Never Fear Getting Laid Off

Do you know how to never fear getting laid off? Do you know how to make sure that you never have to worry about getting laid off?It's actually quite simple...Twenty years ago, I left the corporate staffing and recruiting world, hopped to the other side,

logo.png  By JG  Feb 28, 2023