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4 Ways To Stop Being A Control Freak

I'm the first person to admit I'm a control freak. It's not like I can hide it anyway. If you've known me for even a short period of time, chances are you've seen me in action. And no, I'm not proud. Being a control freak isn't a good thing. In fact, som

logo.png  By JG  Jul 15, 2022

4 Qualities All Great Managers Have

Owners of successful business enterprises will be the first ones to tell you that you need to invest in your people. When you are running a business, you need to rely on the efficiency of each person involved in the organization, whether that person is a

logo.png  By JG  Jul 14, 2022

Is Your Organization Prepared For The Next Disaster?

Bad news is seemingly dominating the nightly news headlines. Disasters appear to be everywhere we turn. When a disaster such as a data breach occurs, it’s incredibly stressful and chaotic. Things need to be decided and done quickly or all of the organiza

logo.png  By JG  Jul 14, 2022

4 Steps To Solving Problems

I used to work with a rapidly expanding start-up.Rapidly expanding businesses are like bubbles. The only thing that keeps them together is a very thin skin.As the headcount grew, so did the number of people running into problems and needing answers. They

logo.png  By JG  Jul 14, 2022