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Back To Work? 10 Tips For Relaunching Your Career

So, you've been on a career break. How long has it been? Three years, five years, more? Whether you took time off to care for your children or travel the world, relaunching your career is a major undertaking, especially these days. Just sending out a bu

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QUIZ: Should You Quit Your Job?

Are you OVER your job? Maybe it's not challenging anymore, maybe you're underpaid, or maybe your boss just doesn't appreciate you. Whatever it is, you know it's time for a change, but are you really ready to quit your job?Quitting is risky, but it can

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6 Useful Tips For Career Shifters

When we're no longer happy and satisfied with our day job, we tend to look for something that will give us that satisfaction or fulfillment. At some point in your life, the thought of changing careers is something that will come across your mind. Althoug

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How To Answer 3 Interview Questions For The "Over 50" Job Seeker

Navigating a successful job search can be tricky for job seekers over the age of 50 (and very often those over 40 too). Age discrimination is alive and well, and even though your resume got you to the interview, your “experience” might be a drawback.Here

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