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It's Taking Longer To Get Hired. Here's Why...

It's taking longer to get hired, folks. This is according to an article on LinkedIn showing that the U.S. Department of Labor has reported that over 800,000 unemployed workers went from taking three and a half months to find a job to over six months. Tha

logo.png  By JG  Feb 7, 2023

6 Tips For Dating While You're Unemployed

When you're unemployed, one of your biggest fears is being judged by others. When it comes to dating, that fear can be amplified.The number one question asked when meeting someone new is, “What do you do for a living?" For many people who are out of work

logo.png  By JG  Feb 4, 2023

Executive Spotlight: The #1 Skill Executives Need To See In Every Employee

Every hiring manager looks for different skills in the job candidates they're hoping to hire. Not only are job candidates being evaluated on the hard skills they possess; they're also being evaluated on their soft skills—the skills that don't belong on a

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5 Tips For Staying Motivated During A FRUSTRATING Job Search

Let's face it: job search can be challenging, and staying motivated during a frustrating job search can seem impossible sometimes. However, it's critical that you stay positive. Otherwise, you risk falling into a downward spiral, which will only make thi

logo.png  By JG  Feb 3, 2023