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3 Common Mistakes You're Making When Creating A SWOT Analysis

What if I were to tell you that you might be doing the good old SWOT analysis incorrectly? And on top of that, you're only doing half of it?SWOT: Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats—a classic framework familiar to many in the business world

logo.png  By JG  Jun 14, 2022

How To Explain Job-Hopping To A Recruiter

So your looking for a job need to explain to a recruiter why you've been job-hopping. How can you effectively explain your job-hopping habit without disqualifying yourself as a job candidate?The Best Way To Explain Job-Hopping To A Recruiter @j.t.odonne

logo.png  By JG  Jun 14, 2022

Why It's Important To Have A Career Plan

Almost everyone has some sort of significant goal or aspiration they hope to achieve in the future. For a lot of people, this includes some type of long-term career plan or dream job that they would like to obtain. While these major objectives may seem d

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5 Strategies To Deal With A Horrible Co-Worker

Warning! Horrible co-worker ahead! Every workplace has one. That absolutely impossible, difficult, nasty, backbiting individual who makes it his/her personal mission in life to belittle everyone else and make their life a living hell. Usually, people lik

logo.png  By JG  Jun 10, 2022