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5 Tips For Job Searching While Pregnant

Bringing a baby into the world is a wonderful thing, but some women fear that it will hold them back in their job search. Don't panic! Before you start looking for a new job, check out these quick tips for job searching while you're pregnant:1. Consider

logo.png  By JG  Apr 22, 2022

Can You Afford To Not Have A Major Brand Presence At Coachella?

After three years of desert quiet, we finally experienced a return to Indigo Empire Polo Club grounds as the famed Coachella Festival arrived. An exciting three-day celebration prevailed. Whether watching it via live stream or in person, you could tell t

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4 Things You Can Do To Be Happier At Work Today

No matter what you do, making sure your happiness and well-being are intact are major priorities. If you're stuck in a position, work long hours, or hate your job, this can be a difficult thing to maintain. There are things you can do to make your situat

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How To Stand Out In An Entry-Level Job As A Recent College Grad​

For recent college grads, it's incredibly difficult in today's labor market to land a job interview for an entry-level job, and it's even more challenging to move on in the process and get a job offer. But let's say you did finally get an interview—and t

logo.png  By JG  Apr 21, 2022