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How To Prepare An ROI Calculation

A very experienced technical sales professional told me something very interesting. Nearly all business-to-business sales attempt to replace an existing solution. He said: “Companies buy solutions that produce the same outputs for a lower price or produc

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5 Tips For Getting A Job During The Holidays

Finding a job during the holidays is no easy task. You have to navigate vacations, slow hiring processes, and increased competition. Yet with the right strategy, it can be done.Here are five ways you can stand out from the competition this holiday season

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How To Reduce Average Handling Time (AHT) In Contact Centers

It’s common knowledge that approximately 65% of contact center costs are staffing costs. Inbound staff get paid by the hour. If your cost per call is USD 3.82, then USD 2.90 of that cost is for staffing costs.If you can reduce AHT by 10%, staffing costs

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The Overwhelming Need For Storytelling In Business

My work at the National Football League in Officiating Administration allowed me the opportunity to collect, analyze, and report data. Looking back at my career, I realized I was telling a compelling story.For example, when I completed the annual budget,

logo.png  By JG  Nov 15, 2022