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Revision Control – The Foundation Of Any Engineering Effort

What is revision control?Simply put, revision control is the management of changes over time. If an object is released for use outside of development, a revision is initiated.Whether you are writing software code, developing a CAD drawing, modifying a pr

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How To Apply For A Job You're Not 100% Qualified For

One of the biggest job search struggles is figuring out which jobs you should apply for. You have to look at the job description, the skill requirements, and the overall qualifications for the job, and then determine whether it's a viable employment oppo

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How To Hire The Best Data Analytics Leaders (And It's Not The Way You Think!)

"Data analytics is to management decision-making what metaphysics is to spirituality. They both provide laws of thinking, procedures, methods, and treatments to shine a light on the truth. The truth generated from analytics should help executives and gov

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Red Teaming – Defining Objection Handling Strategies & More

What’s a “red team”?On August 2nd, 1990, Saddam Hussein invaded Kuwait, and so started the “Gulf War.”The United States and Western allies formed a “coalition of the willing” to remove the Iraqi Army from Kuwait.A group of military planners, known as the

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