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5 Email Phrases To Avoid Using At Work

We've all received an email that rubbed us the wrong way. This may not have been intentional, but it still happened.Email is an essential part of the modern workplace, but it can be a tough way to communicate. You're not talking to someone face-to-face,

logo.png  By JG  Oct 4, 2023

Executive Spotlight: How To Effectively Resolve Conflict At Work

Conflict is an inevitable part of any workplace. Whether it stems from differences in personalities, varying work styles, or competing interests, the ability to effectively resolve conflicts is a critical skill for maintaining a harmonious and productive

logo.png  By JG  Oct 4, 2023

LinkedIn For Beginners: The #1 Thing Job Seekers Need To Do

A common question I get from job seekers on LinkedIn is, "What is the best way for employers to notice your LinkedIn profile and how should it be set up?"Well, the answer is pretty simple.Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile So It Matches Recruiters Search Cri

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What Are Non-Verbal Communication Skills?

When we think of communication skills, most of us just think about written and verbal skills. For verbal communication, there is more than just talking and active listening. There is a third component—non-verbal communication skills. These are the ways y

logo.png  By JG  Oct 3, 2023